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Before Sunrise | Richard Linklater | 1995

How it all started.

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Equality FTW: Help fund a year of fighting for equality and imagining better. ›


“We are wizards. We are the Equality Generation.”

At the Harry Potter Alliance, we’re committed to fighting for what’s right.

We fell in love with the story of a boy, and we did so in large part because that story taught us about love. It taught us about movements of light in a work of violently oppressive dark arts. It taught us about equality.

Perhaps we loved it first, and always, because of its magic. But we love it actively because of what it has shown us. For years we’ve been working to parallel the lessons of Harry’s tale in our own, and we’ve been doing it with your help.

Now it’s time to do it again.

The Harry Potter Alliance is launching the Equality FTW campaign in order to make the next year of equality campaigns. With your help, we could:

  • Build a network of Imagine Better Libraries connecting students across the world with the magic of books and launch a new curriculum of myth-based education.
  • Educate members and the public about immigration reform, standing with undocumented Americans around the country.
  • Expand the fight for Marriage equality into three new states - Maine, Maryland and Minnesota.
  • Help our chapters bring the fight for equality into their hometowns and states by building our chapters network and providing the resources they need to bring the fight home.
As has been the case with all we’ve done, we can only accomplish this with your support. You can learn more and donate here and offer further support by spreading the word across social media platforms using the #EqualityFTW tags! The fundraiser ends on September 8th; our goal is $50,000.

The weapon we have is love.

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Today, Julian shares with us 5 words which have affected the scope and breadth of his life, take the HPA on a new adventure and open another platform for a discussion which may define a generation.

so, so important. please take a minute to watch and think.

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Regarding the tragedy in Aurora, CO

Our thoughts go out to those affected by the horrible tragedy that occurred early this morning. 

coming back to my Tumblr after being offline for the weekend… Lauren’s video is so, so fantastic. please watch.

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The Harry Potter Alliance: Harry Potter is not over. ›


“We do not need magic to transform our world. We carry all the power we need inside ourselves already. We have the power to imagine better.” - J.K. Rowling

The series may be complete and we may have seen Daniel Radcliffe as Harry for the final time. There are no foreseeable reasons for…

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Swift wind! Space! My Soul!: Ask Alivan's to take custom wand orders so YOU can get your Pottermore wand! ›


Hey hey tumblr people!

My absolute favorite part of Pottermore so far has been getting my wand (13” pine, dragon heartstring, rigid). I LOVE my wand and it was so cool to see which one suited me! I have always wanted to buy my own wand, but I didn’t know which one to get. Pottermore solved that…

um totally doing this so I can get my ebony with unicorn hair core, 13 3/4 inch wand made!!!!

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